At PILATES bodyharmony studio, Ricardo Cuellar and Bora Doran are FULL Certified STOTT PILATES instructors (completed all STOTT PILATES Courses and the "Injuries & Special Population") and they attended among other special workshops, the Programming for Scoliosis Management Workshop.

When a person with Scoliosis chooses the option to be treated by dynamic program (after consulting preliminarily a physician), STOTT PILATES® can provide a safe and professional program. In STOTT PILATES® we listen to our patient's needs and based on our comprehensive knowledge we build an individual program, complying an assessment of modern and updated scientific principles of rehabilitation.

For the sake of illustration, we can compare the scoliosis condition to a tree that lacks its optimal prerequisites for proper growth that caused it malfunctioning for enduring the forces of nature, like storms, rains, sun heat etc. Either bracing or rather profound remediation are the two groups of actions, available. We believe that because of the critical distinction between human being and a tree, the second option is the proper one; add to that the crucial role of the spine in our well-being.

The causes for Scoliosis are different. 75% of the causes are unknown (idiopathic) or derived from bone deformation (structural). The rest of the causes can incure from bone structure, from birth (congenital) - malformation of vertebrae, or acquired: Trauma, bone fracture, different leg length. Sometimes the reason is miofascial tension and neuromuscular defaults. Like, for example, when a mother caries her baby on the same side, or after a knee injury when the posterior fascia tightens and pulls the pelvis. Common causes are also "running away from the pain" especially in back issues and nerve entrapments.

We can cope with all of these causes, by treating them dynamically, as long as we apply it on time, before it is too late. The dynamic component in our body is the musculoskeletal which comprises a complicated system, and yet transparent for those who understand it's fundamental

It is important to understand the consequences of incorrect treatment. People who have scoliosis are exposed to suffering from a range of issues such as: Compression in the vertebrae's joints, narrowing of the disc space on one side, altered ribcage dimensions and rib mobility. In severe cases there is a compression on internal organs. 76% develop osteoporosis which can lead to osteoporotic fractures.

In STOTT PILATES® the instructors are trained how to approach patients with scoliosis and to assess their needs in compliance to the level and stage of the condition. It is important to understand that in order to get results which will last, it is essential to understand the body's functions from the base and in depth. In STOTT PILATES® we will stimulate the weak parts which are usually stretched, and elongate the shortened parts in a unique scientific method.

STOTT PILATES® method is based on therapeutic foundations, for achievement the best results. Ask yourself, how would you straighten a snake? Will you focus on the curves and push them to correct? Or will you rather stretch both ends? We use the same principle when we approach
a patient with scoliosis. After examining the entire indications and contraindications (an essentially recommended phase, otherwise the structure might be exposed to further damages), we redesign the body and start to rebuild it; first – by the muscles that are responsible for opening the spaces between the bones, and later – we progress to the muscles which are responsible to ad joint the bones toward one another. We encourage symmetric mobility and the patient will gain variety of tools that will guide him how to maintain the achievements through the daily activities. It is important to choose a professional instructor experienced in the field, who is able to present practical and clinical proofs. Those proofs can be x-ray scans before and after the treatment, or other scanning techniques. When the results are good, the patient will be the one
who recommends his therapist to others, by sharing the success of the treatment and the enormous change in his life quality.


Change happens in small increments; this is not a quick fix. Although no exercise or physical therapy can straighten your spine or stop scoliosis, exercise serves to improve overall health and well-being. Reports in the medical literature on individual patients with scoliosis show that Pilates, alone or in combination with other exercise, helps flexibility and mobility, strengthens and stabilizes muscles around joints, decreases back pain and allows posture adjustments to improve spinal alignment and symmetry. Pilates can also help increase physical activity.


In STOTT PILATES® you will feel the difference. We invite you to feel it.